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Welcome to Summerfield Online!   Board of Directors meet on a monthly basis, with two general homeowners' meetings held twice a year.  All property owners and renters are encouraged to attend.

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Welcome...From Your Summerfield Homeowners Association. is updated by the second Monday of each month. If you would like to submit an article, upcoming
event, etc., please email us at

HOA Meetings - The Summerfield Board of Directors meet on a monthly basis,the 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning at 8 pm at the clubhouse (3219 Pheasant Trail, Sugar Land , TX 77498 ).

Time: 8 PM

  • Agenda 01/20/15 TBP
  • No meeting in December

    President - Richard A. Darby
    Vice President - Roger Metzler
    Treasurer - Brett Breeden
    Secretary - Leigh Ann Gombac
    Member-At-Large & ACC - Bob Chesterman

    Summerfield's Property Management

    Managed by:

    MASC Austin Properties, Inc.
    945 Eldridge Road
    Sugar Land, TX 77478
    713-776-1777 Fax

    Property Manager - Terri Salter
    Maintenance Coordinator - Micki Sears
    Collection Department - Tiffany Moss
    Receptionist - Ashley & Stephanie

    Office: (713) 776-1771 - Fax: (713) 776-1777


    ONLINE PAYMENTS NOW AVAILABLE: We are also very pleased to announce that we now accept payments online. Please visit our website for more details,


  • Check out the Hayride!


    No matter how safe a neighborhood may be, vehicle break-ins often occur. Unfortunately, we have received reports recently of items stolen from vehicles parked at residences. An adept thief can break in and steal valuable property in less than 10 seconds. Crooks look for attractive targets at places such as fitness clubs, stores and shopping areas, neighborhood streets and driveways.. We are providing a few common sense procedures to help discourage crime.

  • Secure your vehicle by rolling up windows and locking doors.
  • Keep valuable items out of sight and in a trunk or glove box.
  • Secure your belongings in the trunk or glove box before you arrive in the parking lot. If thieves see you securing items, you may be their target.
  • While shopping, ask the store to hold high value items such as electronics and computers until you are ready to load them in your car and drive home.

    Thieves also target parks. These tips can help your family have a safe and enjoyable park visit in all our parks:

  • Only use the parks during posted hours.
  • Obey all posted warnings and signs.
  • Do not allow children to play unsupervised.
  • Do not carry a purse or valuable items. Follow the advice above and secure
  • items out of sight before you arrive at the park.
  • Avoid walking alone.
  • Carry a cell phone.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.


    It is now time for all homeowners to prepare for the Please note, in compliance with the governing documents, a $20 increase has been implemented. The annual assessment is due on or before the first day of January 2015, and is determined delinquent if not received by January 31, 2015. All past due accounts will be assessed a $15.00 late fee, 10% per annum interest, and a $10.00 per month collection fee until paid in full. Please note it is possible to pay the annual assessment in monthly installments as long as the final payment is received on or before January 31, 2015.

    We are now accepting payments online from your checking or savings account. Please visit our website at for more details. Your assessments are what allow your Board of Directors to maintain your community. This includes, but is not limited to, maintenance of the common areas, as well as other operational costs of the association (utilities, insurance, management and recreational activities).

    They also allow for improvements to the common areas and funding of reserves, all of which assist in maintaining the equity in one of your most important investments; your home.

    We continue to solicit your support and active involvement in your Association. We, the Summerfield Homeowner’s Association, Inc. Board of Directors, along with your help, can continue to make our neighborhood an even more pleasant place to live.


    The Summerfield annual Holiday Cookie/Craft Party will be held on Saturday, December 20, 2014, in the clubhouse (next to the pool), from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

    We have enjoyed a great deal of participation from our residents at this event. As always there will be plenty of refreshments and fun activities for everyone.

    Additionally, we would like to invite residents who have crafts to sell or know someone who would like to set up a booth at no charge, please contact MASC Properties to let us know so we can be prepared for you.

    This is a great way to kickoff the holiday season with your friends and neighbors, so make plans to join your us for another enjoyable time!


    We invite all our residents to brighten the holiday season by lighting up our neighborhood. Get into some friendly competition with your neighbors and try to outshine them! All of us get to benefit from these beautiful displays and we look forward to your efforts each year. We have seen many beautiful displays over the years and we hope this season will outshine them all. There will be a judging to select the best decorations on the night of December 20, so make sure all your decorations are in place and all your lights turned on by this datT!


    We ask all residents once again to please observe the No Parking Zones throughout Summerfield. This is especially important during school hours.

    Remember, you are not allowed to park on the street and walk to school. Vehicles parked in No Parking Zones will be ticketed and possibly towed away. We also remind all drivers to observe the speed zones, especially near the schools. Pay special attention to children walking to and from school or riding bikes. Always obey the crossing guards.


    Please do not put trash out before 6:00 p.m. the night before the scheduled pickup day. Garbage cans must be stored out of public view except for pick up days. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR EMPTY CANS ON THE CURB, STREET OR LAWN AFTER YOUR TRASH HAS BEEN PICKED UP.


    Another recurring problem we seem to have is the failure of pet owners to take responsibility for their pets. This topic has been addressed several times in the past, but some residents seem to think they are exempt from following the rules.

    The State of Texas and Fort Bend County has a leash law. When outside a private property, pets are required to be on a leash. This not only protects other residents, but it protects your pets as well. Also, pet owners are responsible for removing any pet waste from others’ property. When pet poops, you scoop!

    Showing respect for others goes a long way toward nurturing healthy relationships with your neighbors!